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Post  Kenz on Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:40 pm

PSN (Primary Account) // xMckenziie_

Statistics (Kill/Death & Win/Loss) // K/D: 2.13 W/L: 0.92

Age // 17

Microphone (YES/NO) // Yes

Where are you located in Australia? // WA/Perth

What game are you most active on? // MW2

What game mode do you play most? (S&D, TT, HQ, All-Rounder etc.) // Sabo and Domination

What kind of playing style do you use? // Mckenzie Cool Naa just joking i play the style the clan wants me to.

Primary Weapon & Perks? // ACR - Scavenger, Stopping Power & Scrambler

What makes you want to join the OG'z? // Good bunch of lads from what ive seen so far.

If successful in joining our clan, what do you expect in return from us? // To be kept well informed, Play competitive, partying up & basically have fun.

Have you been in any other clans, if so, what caused you to leave that clan? // L2K* My only clan, Left because it was falling apart and leadership problems.


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Post  Jackmove on Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:51 pm

Hey mate i will add you tonight or i will get GSSD to not sure if he already is on your friends list and we can party up and see how you go. But i am sure you will be fine. Welcome to the OG'z

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